Cars For You

Are you looking for a car to buy?

Well, save your time and hassle of searching because Deridan Associates Ltd in collaboration with DivSpeed Company Ltd

Does the following:

  • Buying & Selling of home used cars from the USA
  • Shopping & Clearing of General Goods
  • Accounting, Auditing & Taxation Services
  • Performance Enhancement Training
  • Supply of General Goods

For Cars
We convert our clients’ cash into USD and use it as follows on their behalf:

  • Buy auctioned cars online
  • Show the pictures to the client
  • Ship it into the country
  • Clear all duties at the port
  • Fix it if it’s an accident car all from the funds

NB: We don’t buy accident cars from the in front but behind only

  • Hand over the car to our clients at a fee of $500 only.

All these take place within 6 weeks because we use one of the fastest shipping lines.

This is better than going to car parks or buying Ghanaian 2nd hand-cars because you can save up to GHS10,000.00

There is a commission for referrals too.

 Contact us for more information.


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